Here are the documents of  the AGM at St Modoc's held on December 15th  2019

WELCOME:  Rev Canon Dr Alison Peden welcomed those present and opened the meeting with prayer.

PRESENT:  Dr & Mrs Gaskell, Mr Cooke, Mr Morrison, Mr Reed, Lord Nickson, Mr Stroyan,
Mrs Scott, Prof Smith, Mr & Mrs Reynolds, Mrs Gore, Mr & Mrs Scott Elliot, Mrs McCracken, Mr Cordwell-Smith, Mr Stewart, Mrs Drury

APOLOGIES:  Mr & Mrs Chapman Campbell, Mr & Mrs Shaw Stewart, Mrs Sherriff, Mr & Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Watson, Mrs Bellers, Mrs Coulson, Lady Nickson, Mr Scott, Mr Gore, Mrs Stroyan

MINUTES OF 2018 AGM:  The minutes were read, accepted and signed




Trustees Report:  Approved and signed

Chairman’s Report: (see attached).  Attendance figures were up, although numbers taking holy communion were down.  Prof. Angela Smith and Mrs Tina Wilkinson were retiring from the vestry and were thanked for their contributions.  Mrs Gore was thanked for the Advent Wreath.  
Outreach work would concentrate more on opening the church to help the local community rather than a nominated cause.
Mrs Scott wondered if times of services could be later.  Mr Reed proposed winter and summer times.  AP would investigate the difficulty in altering the web pages.  JD would circulate a questionnaire to assess wider preferences.
Prof Smith felt the Advent Carol Service might feature better known carols which could be sung by the congregation in addition to anthems sung by the choir.
Mrs McCracken proposed a vote of thanks for AP highlighting her inspiring leadership and for putting in many more hours than she should in St Modoc’s interest.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mrs Reynolds presented and explained the yearly accounts (see attached) Pledged Giving included only that on which Gift Aid is claimed.  Investments cover only three quarters of the year due to closing Barclays account and opening a CCLA account.  CCLA has been very successful.  Expenses are consistent.  The cost of the door was met by Rita Barth’s legacy with remaining funds meeting the cost of the new vestments.  The Rector’s Development Fund covers conference expenses.  A three-year budget had been set up.  Mr Reynolds suggested that more should be spent on Outreach.  This would be for discussion – AP would mention it and ask for suggestions in her e-mails to the congregation and would be itemised for discussion at Vestry meeting. Payment to Ella McEwan would be looked into.
HR was congratulated on presenting a very clear report.
Accounts were adopted (Proposer Lord Nickson, Seconder Mrs Scott)

Fabric Report: (See attached).  Mr Graham would like the church bell to be rung.  A rota would have to be set up – possibly to be undertaken by the chalice bearers.  MC-S informed those present that replacing the lights with LED bulbs would increase our carbon footprint.
MC-S was thanked for his continued hard work.

 PCVG Report: (See attached)


Honorary Treasurer – Mrs Heather Reynolds, proposer Mr Cooke, Seconder Mrs Gaskell
Chair - Rev Canon Dr Alison Peden
Lay Representative – Mr Nick Cooke, proposer Mrs Graham, seconder Mr Scott-Elliot
Alternate Lay Rep – Dr Philip Gaskell, proposer Mrs Gore, Seconder Mrs Scott-Elliot
Independent Examiner – Mr Tom Burton, proposer Lord Nickson, Seconder Mr Stewart
Vestry Members – 7 members serve at present, it was hoped others would be recruited

OUTREACH:  To be approached in a different way.  Perhaps turning to what people in the congregation do in their daily lives about which we could build a discussion, exploring how individuals help others.  The development of the garden would lend itself to various events. Mrs Graham felt local charities should be supported.  The church had been enhanced by the door and it was envisaged that we might be able to open to visitors out-with service times.  Mrs Graham felt if the church was to attract more people some publicity material, Christian literature etc could be displayed in the Information Centre to encourage people to visit.  AP would outline thoughts in her e-mail to the congregation.  For further discussion.

GARDEN DEVELOPMENT:  Progress is being made.  Preparation is underway to clear the necessary shrubs/trees/beds. Mr Morrison warned that prickly shrubs should be resisted.  Mr Cooke highlighted the new environmental group “Plant for the Future” set up in Doune recently.

AOCB:  The Year of the Pilgrimage over the whole of Scotland and NC had been appointed by the Bishop to head up a local area working group.  A pilgrimage to St Andrews would take place in 2021.  Bishop Ian would lead a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and an exchange pilgrimage had been set up between Dunfermline and Trondheim.

CLOSE: Rev Canon Dr Alison Peden closed the meeting with prayer taken from the Anglican Five Marks of Mission.

(1)   Worship and discipleship
We continue to have a healthy worshipping community at St Modoc’s, with our regular numbers remaining stable. We have been blessed by some new people joining us, whilst we have had to say farewell to Janet and Robert Maybank, who have moved south.  It has also been good to have new voices reading and offering intercessions, and also Iain Morrison now helping with the cross and chalice. 
Our worship has connected with the community in different ways.  In the absence of a minister at Kilmadock, the Rector led the community Remembrance Sunday service and commemoration at the War Memorial.  We also offered a Sunday service on the day of the Stirling Marathon in April.  The Advent Carol Service was so well-attended that there was standing-room only, and a range of readers from the other churches and community took part. 
There have been two very joyful weddings – of Mary Shaw Stewart and Ben Wright, and Rosie Hunt and Tom Hufton, and the baptism of Otter Dickson.
Our worship has been enhanced by the legacy of Rita Barth, which enabled us firstly, to install the glass door that has let so much light and openness into our services, and then to have a new set of purple vestments and altar hangings made for Advent and Lent.  The previous Rector, Revd. Stuart Coates, has donated his liturgical cope to St Modoc’s for high festivals, weddings and so on.  We benefit every Sunday from the beauty that donors of the past have contributed to the church, and it is good to continue the tradition of enhancing our experience of worship in this way.
The dedication of the new door on July 14th was the first time that our new bishop, Rt. Revd. Ian Paton, had visited St Modoc’s.  He blessed the door, preached and presided at the Eucharist.
A Lent Study Group was led by the Rector and Janet Maybank using Bible Reading Fellowship notes, which the whole congregation at St Modoc’s also received for use during Lent. 

(2)   Outreach and mission
There are different ways in which St Modoc’s expresses the love of God in the world – and one of the most important is in the daily lives that we lead.
As a church, we raise money for good causes and seek to offer hospitality of various kinds to those around us.
We have raised money this year for Hippokrat, the charity that supports victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, through the concert given by the Ukrainian accordionists (with solo singing by our Lay Rep., Philip Gaskell).  And also for Embrace the Middle East (through sponsorship for a marathon run through Dunblane and also the Advent Carol Service and other Christmas events).  And we have sold several hundred pounds worth of |Fairtrade goods from Malawi, Eswatini and South Africa at the Farmers’ market in Doune, the Harvest Supper and the Christmas Fair.  We also raised £157 for the Rural Hall at the Harvest Supper.
Offering hospitality is another way of being servants of the community and sharing God’s love and gifts to us.  We have done this at the Harvest Supper, which has been enjoyed by those who attended.  However, there were fewer tickets sold this year and perhaps it is time to re-think our outreach by ‘entertainment’.  One of our projects is to develop the garden as a community resource – a place for the enjoyment of Creation, and perhaps a summer event with hospitality would be something to try. This could be connected with opening the church to visitors on some afternoons, if we can draw up a rota of church stewards.    Our outdoor Christmas Tree is also a way to welcome people in and the ‘Carols round the Tree’ on 20th December will have an open invitation to all and free refreshments.  
The garden development project is progressing, and work will start over the winter on clearing some shrubs and making space for benches and the arbour seat.  This is the ‘Phase 1’ of clearing some ground and remodelling the space.  Phase 2 will install the seating, look at new planting and encouraging wildlife.  
It was good to look back at my report from last year and see that we have indeed implemented the dreams we had then – of a Fairtrade stall, a refreshed garden space and an outdoor welcome at the festivals such as Christmas.  I hope that these initiatives can grow and bear fruit.

(3)   Personal
The Rector retired from her work as Provincial Director of Ordinands in July, and now has more space for research and writing as well as family and other interests, with two days a week committed to St Modoc’s. 
(4)   Thanks
Finally, the Rector would like to thank all those who contribute their time and energy to the life of St Modoc’s – which is everyone really, but let me name some particular individuals:
·         The members of the Vestry for their hard work.
·         Rev. Bill Rootes and Prof. Nick price for taking services when I have been away
·         Heather Reynolds as Treasurer
·         Jilly Drury for being secretary to the Vestry
·         Vee Bellers for taking on the PVG Officer responsibility
·         Malcolm Cordwell-Smith for looking after the fabric of the church
·         Archie Shaw-Stewart for playing the organ
·         Philip Gaskell for serving as Lay Rep
·         Margaret and Bob Mitchell for offering delicious refreshments so faithfully
·         Those who decorate the church with flowers so beautifully
·         The Sacristans team
·         The Readers, welcomers, Intercessors and chalice bearers, and all who help with the community and charity events we organise
·         Angela Smith for readers’ rota
·         Gardener – Brian Carter and his wife, and Ella McEwan who cleans so carefully.
·         Our Independent Examiner
·         All the congregation who uphold the life of St Modoc’s faithfully in their prayers, worship, encourage, give generously, care for others and follow Christ as disciples each day in their lives.

Alison Peden

11 December 2019

Fabric Report

During 2019, we have continued to carry out routine maintenance, servicing and improvements to the fabric of St Modoc’s Church.

The treatment of the moss on the north side of the roof carried out in the autumn of 2018 has been successful in preventing re growth.  There is still an area to be treated, which is only accessible by roof ladders, this is planned to be done next spring.

The major improvement to the entrance of the Church by installing a European Oak frame, door and coat hook rack in memory to Rita Barth was completed in June 2019.  Bishop Ian blessed the new door on his visit to St Modoc’s church on Sunday 14th July.  This improvement has provided a much appreciated welcome to the Church ,  with the benefit of enhanced natural light and draught proofing to the back of the building.

A few problems with the electrical wiring have been sorted and the addition of an external power point on the west gable wall has enabled the outside Christmas tree lights to be used safely.

The maintenance of the garden grounds and cleaning of the church have been kept to a high standard throughout the year.  Our thanks to Brian and Kennina Carter for looking after the garden and we saw the wonderful display of daffodils planted by them in the Autumn of 2018.

Our thanks to Ella McEwen for cleaning the church and for raking the gravel each week.  Also, thanks are due to Caroline Stroyan and her team of ladies for providing and decorating the church with beautiful flower arrangements during the year and the decorations for the Harvest Festival and Christmas.

Our new project for the coming year will be the improvements and the replanting of the garden, which is currently in the planning stage.

 The repainting programme to the entrance display signs and the entrance gates will be completed next spring.
                                                                             Malcolm Cordwell-Smith